SevenBell has designed the perfect feel good and intense private classes for you.  We have our classes as small group classes, but you still get that individual attention.  Most classes are fun in other gyms, but you really are lost, don’t get much results, and don’t do the exercise correct.  Not here!  We love having fun, but we believe there is nothing more fun than getting results, looking good, and feeling good.  Classes do just that.  There are 4/5 people per group having fun, working hard, and correctly with proper form. They are not just sweating for 45 minutes.  The instructors are geared to take the classes to an external level and still engage with you.  We have the most amazing yoga, Pilates, and salsa class instructors in Brooklyn, NYC.  Come and bring your A game.


What to expect when you take our boxing class?

Blood, Sweat & Tears

But most importantly



Our pro trainer Sean will take you to another level! Make no mistake; this is a fast pace class that will have you sweating, dying, and crying. This is a high intensity workout! We play NO games! We focus on burning and melting pounds away, and learn how to fight and have a hell of a time all at once.

We design the classes to be a great mental workout and huge stress reliever. As you will see, at SevenBell Fitness we cover all the needs of our members. You are going to get everything you need to forget about all that is going on in this crazy world.

Reasons to take kickboxing:

  • Relieve Stress
  • High calorie burning instead of using treadmill
  • Tone whole body


Formula7 is a no–holds–barred high intensity class! We want to keep you guessing – and challenge you differently in each and every class! Workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance! Have fun – work hard!


This class provides a balanced blend of alignment focused movement and fluid vinyasa flow. Bring your body back to center by exploring use of breathe and building strength to help prevent injury or heal from injury.


Energy Flow Yoga is a vigorous yoga class that incorporates a Vinaysa Yoga Flow with elements of cardio and toning built in.  The class begins with a challenging flow and then slows down to focus on stretching and toning the muscles. The class incorporates Ujjayi breathing and elements of Forrest Yoga. Expect to leave sweaty and in a yoga bliss.


Just when you thought we had the best training program in Brooklyn, SevenBell has teamed up with world renowned Pilates expert, Kristine Halker. She will be joining our team and her class is so exciting that we had to put a waiting list. So come see what the excitement is about!

A revolutionary full body Pilates workout including an intense calorie burning workout with an emphasis on conditioning to make you stronger, increasing your muscle tone, and transforming your body.

Reasons to take Pilates at SevenBell Studios:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Build core and strength
  • Increase flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • Lengthen the spine and improve posture
  • Mind and body connection


Learn the terminology, fundamental step patterns, and concepts of salsa, and how to apply them to the fast tempo music. If you’re just starting out, there are beginner courses, but if you got the basics down and feel you need more to help with your shine, spinning, or style, then our salsa is a great way to express yourself. SevenBell is always looking for new, and fun creative outlets so our members can mix training with another form of fitness. Our salsa class has a mixture of up-tempo movement that will get the pounds melting away. The greatest thing we have is group classes and private lessons.

Be the dancer YOU always wanted to be! Come put your sexy shorts on and dance baby, dance!