Why SevenBell Fitness? Let’s see what our members are saying.

  • "I love that all the staff make it a point to know your name and are always so welcoming."

    La Jefa
  • "The difference I have noticed in my body has been huge even in only a few months."

  • "I've been working out with Shawna for a year and have seen fantastic results - I'm stronger, healthier & a better runner as a result of her training program."

  • "All I can say is: my girlfriends are mad that they can see my abs 🙂 Thanks Jesse!!"

  • "After six weeks, I felt great, could run for miles at a time again, and lost 4% body fat!"

  • "The place is clean and orderly and the trainers are kick ass great. If you are looking for a place that delivers results and makes you feel like anything is possible to achieve this is the place to go!!!!"

  • "A true local gym that is comfortable, clean and plays good enough music that you may not want to have your headphones in. "

    Rob S
  • "Omg!!!!!  These guys are no joke!!!!  This is the place to go for absolute results!!!  They make you feel like anything can be done!!!"

  • "Glad I found this gem of a gym"

  • "When I came to Jesse for personal training sessions, I was out of shape, weak, and uninspired. What Jesse gave me was motivation, friendship, and a "you're going to finish those reps if you like it or not" attitude, which is CRUCIAL when you're a big whiner like me.  I saw changes in my body and felt stronger after only a couple sessions."

  • "Working out here and with the owner has changed my life... Fitness has truly become part of my lifestyle... No place like it!!! Bodies are made here."

  • "I also love the atmosphere at Seven Bell. Everyone, both staff and other patrons, smile and say hello. Other trainers even noticed and complimented me when my pushup technique improved. "

  • "If you're looking for a local place to work out and never felt comfortable in a big chain gym, then Sevenbell Fitness is for you."

    David G
  • "SevenBell is unlike any other gym I've been to. It is laid-back, friendly, and personal… the staff is very attentive and caring. Special shoutout to Kerry at the front desk who gave me a great introduction to the gym and has always made me feel at home."

  • "Seven got me through more than weight loss!! He made me realize what a strong woman I was and never left my side!!"